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Here at Flint we like to do things a little differently, not only are we aiming to start a new movement in Men’s hair, we’re also trying to do it in an eco-friendly way!

Nathan, The Flint Director started on his vegan journey not that long ago and now encourages his views in all avenues of his life. Hence why Flint is an ethical barbers!


Because of all this, we use a Swedish product range called ‘REF’. REF has a high focus on sustainability and aimed to be a participant in the movement of change. The values that guides them are sustainability and simplicity, with an innovative touch of fashion & design.

REF use a customised colour preserve system for all of their styling and hair care products.


All products use handpicked a natural ingredient that are derived from sunflower seed oil combined with cutting edge technology in anti-fade design.

The complete care line is 100% vegan, which results in REF being able to use ‘the keratin’ of nature…Quinoa. They believe in a future where animals can live side by side with humans without any exploitation.


REF use a mix of natural and organic ingredients combined with chemistry. Our goal is to offer products with a mix of the best of what nature has to offer with the latest technology. By doing this we can offer high quality and performing products. How can a product be ethical that we fly in from Sweden? Well they pay a self=imposed environmental fee to compensate for their carbon emissions.

Join the movement & join us on the journey to be ethical.